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Welcome to PHARMauditorTM

With PHARMauditor you can audit the accuracy of the data reflected in your Pharmacy Formulary and Charge Description Master (CDM) and maintain their accuracy on an ongoing basis. At you’ll be able to identify...

  • Incomplete & Invalid CPT®/HCPCS coding
  • Incomplete & Invalid NDC coding
  • Improper billable units
  • Improper pricing
  • Increased reimbursement opportunities
  • Incomplete & Invalid Revenue Codes
  • Potential improvement in descriptions
  • Coding, Compliance, Description & Pricing Inconsistencies across health system

More options to choose from...

Did you know that PHARMauditorTM, developed by Panacea Healthcare Solutions, is just one Charge Description Master ("CDM") service offered among a comprehensive suite at

Visit to find out about the additional synergistic modules listed below and services available. suite includes:
  • Coding & Compliance Module
  • Coding & Reimbursement Library & Alerts
  • Pharmacy Modules ( &
  • CDM Synchronization for Health Systems
  • Hospital Zero-Base Pricing
  • Consulting Services & Support